How to Keep Children Safe While Playing With Toys

Lets face it. Moms are always busy with taking care of children, laundry, dishes, dinner, paying bills, taking care of pets and some even work for a living outside of the home. When children play in a play room or in any room with their toys, it is a little bit of breather for a busy mom but one thing you must consider at all times is your child's safety while they play and you take a second to rest.

  • Always watch your kids while they play. You may be exhausted and just want to rest but playing with your child can relieve stress and they have much more fun when you are involved and interacting with them.
  • Never let your child play with a toy that isn't age appropriate for them. Read the safety labels.
  • As toys are played with, dropped, thrown etc pieces start to break and they show wear and tear. Inspect your child's toys to make sure that they are still safe and wont get hurt on rough or sharp edges or swallow small pieces and choke.
  • Avoid toys that have large cords or strings attached. Children tend to wrap the strings around things including their own necks which can result in strangulation.
  • Use a toy box to store your children's toys but make sure that they lid can not fall on your child's head or fingers.

One of the best and most vigilant things you can do is check the Consumer Product Safety Commissions web site ( for all the recent toy recalls. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

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