Playing Should Be Fun

Playing is perhaps one of the most exciting activities in the world. There is always a pleasure on every player regardless of age, young or old. Anyone can play with or without any supporting equipment or toys. It is a natural effort to express one's feeling, a way to be happy and comfortable. Furthermore, it also stimulates one's creativity and knowledge.

You can found it often in children. You can say that it is what they do for a living. The essence of playing a game is fun. Without that, it will lose its meaning. You can see how happy they are when they are doing this fun activity. As a parent, it should make you happy also.

It is also believed to be able to eliminate many restrictions and obstacles inside. It teaches us to understand and adhere to agreed rules, learn to respect others, compete fairly and honestly, know other people with their entire personality trait, solve a problem either individually or collectively, understand the moral values which exist in the game and interaction during the game, and many other things.

It is even used by psychologist as a therapy, better known by play therapy. This therapy is used for children who have problems with emotions. The goal of play therapy is to change children behavior that does not fit into the expected behavior. With it, children are able to change behavior through a fun way.

There many things that can be considered as playing. Physical activities like running, jumping or hiding can be considered as one if there is any element of fun involved. Thus, you don't have to buy expensive toys or doing something big just to have fun. You need to let your children play freely and accompany them whenever you have time. Then you can see how your kids will develop in an instant.

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